Kids Spiritual Gifts Survey

July 31, 2013LaBreeska Ingles


Choose one of the following responses and place the number next to the statement.  Then add up the 4 questions in each section and put the total next to the spiritual gift.  After you have finished the test, circle the top scores to find your spiritual gift. 

(1) Not me      (2) Rarely like me      (3) Sometime like me     (4) Usually like me    (5) That’s ME everytime!


___ I have dreamed things that have come true.  ___ I am open and honest with others. ___ I recognize God speaking to me in different ways. ___ Sometimes I see visions from God when I am praying for a person. 

Prophecy- able to hear God and deliver a message to others  (Add the totals)

Total= _______ _____________________________________________________________ 

___ I love to work with my hands and help others out. ___ I love to help others, even with things like dishes or mowing. ___ I like to keep my room clean and organized. ___ It’s hard for me to say no when people ask for my help. 

Serving- Loves to support a cause through helping others  (Add the totals)    

Total= _______ _____________________________________________________________ 

___ I love to learn new facts and study different themes on my own. ___ I love to teach people about things they may have never heard about. ___ It’s easy for me to speak and express my thoughts clearly. ___ I love explaining the whole story to people. 

Teaching- Desires to learn and teach others what they have learned  (Add the totals)

Total =______ ___________________________________________________________________ 

___ People say I am a very happy person and I love to talk. ___ I like to tell people “good job”. ___ I have a very positive outlook on life. ___ I notice what people can do well and I tell them. 

Encouraging- one who encourages and guides others towards the right path (Add the totals)

Total=______ _____________________________________________________________ 

___ Giving money or things to others make me feel very happy. ___ I like to create interesting gifts to give to people. ___ I like to plan ways to give to people in need.   ___ I am good at making money and I don’t mind giving it away. 

Giving- you save and create in order to give to those who need (Add the totals)

Total=______ _____________________________________________________________ 

___ I get a lot of joy from accomplishing a task. ___ I always want to be the best at everything I do. ___ I enjoy telling others what to do. ___ I love leading and organizing when I’m in a group. 

Leadership- you are able to see a goal and direct others towards that goal (Add the totals)

Total=______ _____________________________________________________________ 

___ I get super sad when bad things happen to people. ___ I look for the good in people and ignore the bad parts about a person. ___ I enjoy peace and try to avoid conflict. ___ I love helping people know how to solve their problems. 

Mercy- one who feels the compassionate heart of God towards others (Add the totals)

Total=_____ __________________________________________________________________ 

Dear Parents, 

Your kids have participated in a spiritual gifts survey today and have realized that his/her strongest gift(s) may be _________________________________.  This survey is based on the Romans 12:6-8 Scripture which demonstrates that we are all gifted and valuable parts of the church.  We are teaching your kids that they do not have to wait until they are adults before they participate in the church body.  Kids are able to use their spiritual gifts now!  Please review this document with your kid and discuss ways he/she can participate as a vital member of the home, the church, and the community. 

Your Kid’s team

We hope you enjoy this free gifts survey. If you are interested in additional resources, children's church curriculum, and lesson plans, check out the Kidsministryteam store.