Because Him Love Us

February 01, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

One of my favorite ministry moments was 7 years ago at Vineyard Campbellsville, Kentucky. I was leading a Kid's Church service for ages 3 to 12. I had recently been to a conference where people were finding gold dust on their hands. I watched the movie Finger of God where people were finding jewels in a worship service. I told the kids about the experience just to see their reactions.

As I was telling the story of the gold dust to the children, one of the boys started looking at his hands to see if he could find gold dust too. Suddenly, he yelled out, "it's on my hands!" All of the kids ran to him to see the gold specks on his hands. Even though I was telling the story about faith, I suspected that this young boy was just making this up for attention. Then, another kid screams out, "I have gold dust on my hands too!" Within moments, many of the kids had sparkling hands.

I wasn't prepared for this. What do I do next? Curious at why God was doing this little miracle for the kids on a normal Sunday morning, I asked, "Hey kids, why do you think God would do this?" One boy emphatically answered, "so we can sell all the gold and give the money to the poor." My reply was, "well, I don't know how to get the gold off your hands or sell it, so I don't know how that will work." I was thinking that it may represent annointing in our hands. Maybe it was a prophetic sign of provision. I asked again, "Why is God putting gold dust on some of our hands?" A little 3 year old boy chimed in, "BECAUSE Him Love Us."

Nail on the head. I didn't even know the answer to my question. What's the point of gold dust on my hands when it doesn't feed the hungry, save the lost, or change the world? It seemed frivolous. The answer is "BECAUSE HIM LOVE US."

After Kid's church, the kids ran out to their parents to tell them about their little miracle of love in class that day. Some of the adults asked the kids to pray for them to see the same miracle. The little kiddos willingly laid their hands on the adults and a few of the adults saw gold dust in their hands as well. Why? "BECAUSE HIM LOVE US!"

*Photo by D Sharon Pruitt