Check-In Software Volunteers

February 10, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

When Brian and I were starting our family in Charlotte, NC, we attended Morningstar Ministries. We volunteered in the Kid's Ministry as teachers, helpers, curriculum writers, conference staff, and more. One of our roles was leading the Check-In Desk. Brian wrote the check-in software so we felt responsible to make this area of Kid's Ministry a great one.

The first goal I had was to recruit an excellent set of volunteers. We wanted cheerful people to greet the parents at the check-in desk. This was the first point of entry into the ministry as a whole, so we didn't want disgruntled fellows greeting parents with anxiety and contempt. Ha! The check-in area could get congested at times, so we would pray for the atmosphere to have a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. Yes, it is important to feel the spiritual gifts of peace and patience even at the door to the Kid's Wing.

After picking our team, we organized a training date so that we could teach the check-in software to the volunteers. The system is very easy to use, but if you are like me, you need help even knowing how to turn on your computer. Brian very kindly took our volunteers through each step of the check-in process. We created a schedule and re-started our check-in process with a mindset of serving families and being a hub for questions, concerns, announcements, etc..  

Not only is a check-in desk for checking your kids in each week, it is also a place to hand out upcoming event flyers, host a sign up for an activity, request information from families, and ask questions about the Kid's MInistry. The check-in desk is a place for new visitors to get the down low on the Sunday structure for the Kid's classes.

We had a fantastic Check-in team at Morningstar Ministries. We loved each one of them and appreciated their service to the ministry. We are currently trying to build a new check-in team at our new church in Kentucky.  Who wants to sign up?