Week 2

February 12, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

Last night was our second week of our Family Homegroup.  This week is Valentine's Day, so we made our night all about the love of Jesus.  I made white chocolate popcorn with little candy conversation hearts.  We had four families, a grandpa, and our household in attendance.  There were 9 adults and 12 children under the age of 8.  We sang a fun song for Jesus together to get the meeting started.  The kids had shakers and danced for Jesus.  One four year old girl actually created her own song for Jesus and sang it in front of everyone by herself.

One of the babies in the group was screaming uncontrollably in the kitchen during most of worship.  Both of his parents were trying to help him calm down and figure out what was wrong. I asked all of the kids to gather around the screaming baby and pray for him.  They said sweet prayers like, "Jesus heal this baby and help him stop crying" and "Jesus please let this baby feel your presence." After the second kid prayed, the baby became completely calm.  It was very interesting to watch.  I wish I had a video of it, because IT WORKED!  Jesus cares about our kids and He hears their prayers.

Next, Brian asked the question, "In what ways do you experience Jesus' love in your life?"  While he was leading this discussion, I had the kids in the middle of the room working on creating Valentines.  I instructed the kids that they could make Valentines for Jesus or for someone else in the room.  In order to encourage learning about the prophetic, I asked the children to listen to God to find encouraging words or pictures to put in their Valentines for others. I will admit that the discussion amongst adults was strained over the noise, but the kids produced some sweet, prophetic artwork to give to their moms, dads and others. 

Before we left, one of the kids announced that he had asked Jesus to live in his heart earlier in the week.  We celebrated with him.  Then, we had the eldest (honorary grandpa) among us explain what a father's blessing is all about, then pray a father's blessing over all of us.  We gathered our kids up and placed our hands on their head and prayed together in our family groups.  It was a sweet moment.

I am used to having to talk over kids in order to have a conversation with a friend, but I can see that it can be difficult for others.  However, each week I realize how much I love this style of homegroup.  It is good for the kids and it is good for us.  It puts my priorities in line.  God first, family second, and then all of the other stuff.