Week 3- Family Homegroup

February 24, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

This week at family homegroup, we wanted to focus on worship. I have noticed the kids that come to our group particularly love the worship time. They love to dance, sing, and play instruments. In fact, when we finish one song, they ask for another. 

One of the kids has been taking piano lessons and I ask him to play a song for us each week at the beginning of worship. He gets so excited about sharing his song and the other kids are excited too. His songs are not religious hymns, but they do stir up the desires for worship leading.

This week, I brought a hand drum that I bought in Kenya and asked one of the older boys to play along with me during worship. He takes this job so seriously and considers himself a part of the homegroup worship team. I think that's great!  Kids lead worship just by being in the room. They are typically so free that they bring joy out of the adults. Joy stirs up and pride wells up in our hearts. We are proud of our children connecting to Jesus.

After worship, I asked the kids to listen to the Holy Spirit and hear what He has to say to the adults in the room. Usually kids hear so clearly and quickly because they don't have the filters of disappointment and rejection to work through. One of the boys told my husband a creative picture about fire and that word has been confirmed over and over throughout this week. It may have seemed abstract to everyone else in the room, but it made complete sense to Brian.

After the kids shared what they heard the Holy Spirit saying to the adults, one of the moms told me that she had been trying to teach her kids about hearing the Holy Spirit for a while and this was the first time she had ever seen them experience it. That is amazing! It's so encouraging to parents when their kids start to connect with God It is a gift to watch your young children leading worship, giving prophetic words, and praying for others.

We are loving this group. The winter has proved to be a hard time to host a home group because of weather conflicts and sickness. However, each homegroup, whether small or big in numbers, has been a real joy to our family.