Kidz Matter

March 14, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

I just found this article at where a family pastor lays out many point about why they decided to include children in leading worship. I thought his points were explained well and coincide with some of my reasons for investing in developing kids worship bands.


I might be the only family ministry pastor with this attitude but I am not a big fan of children’s musical productions at church. I enjoy having purpose and reason for everything we do as a ministry. For that reason I was never responsive or excited about leading a Kid’s Worship Team. Boiling it down, I did not like the idea of spending so much time and energy in producing a “kodak moment” for families…I’m into “faith-building moments” for families. Long story short, many key leaders wanted to help produce a Kid’s Worship Team for our upcoming Christmas Eve services. I gave the green light with the stipulation that this adventure have purpose. Here are the reasons we are doing a Kid’s Worship Team:

Teach about Worship I am committed to creating opportunities for children to worship God. I believe music is one way we can accomplish that goal. However, children sometimes get so drawn to the beats, lyrics and movements that they forget the underlining reason of why. By having them become worship leaders we have a opportunity to help them understand why we worship.

Children are the Church Sometimes I wonder if the children truly feel part of the church community. The church needs to establish environments that spur spiritual growth but never at the cost of “siloing” a ministry from the rest of the church community. I wanted the children to have another opportunity to be part of the church. One outcome of Kid’s Worship Team, for the Christmas Eve service, will be that it won’t be only them singing with a CD in the background…they will be singing with the worship band live and leading the church in worship! - See more at: