Taco Tuesday

March 14, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

Our family homegroup is supposed to last 10 weeks and we are in the last half now. At our last meeting we had a potluck meal together to celebrate family and fun. The kids lovingly named the event Taco Tuesday because of our Mexican dishes. The food was yummy, but the friendship was even sweeter. There is nothing like sharing a meal with people you love.

The family dinner table is a spiritual place. Yes, it's messy. Yes, it can be loud. But, the dinner table is where the family comes together each day to stop and share life together. Some families are running from one event to the other. There is school, work, church, ballet, soccer, and much more, but on the occasion that the family can slow down and share dinner together, the business of life seizes and real life with those you love most begins.

There is something extra special about opening your home and your family dinner table to others. We have found that having people over for dinner creates a stronger friendship and opens discussions that you would never have if you weren't sharing a bowl of beans together. Why is that? I'm not sure, but I like it. Here's a challenge. Invite someone over this week. See if your relationships increase through the spiritual gift of hospitality.

Your family dinner table doesn't have to be a serious place. You don't have to have a special devotional or silent prayer. (You can, but you don't have to.) You may find that even fun, unfocused time at the family dinner table will be a place where you share lots of laughs, some tears, and make big decisions together as a family. Even without a planned agenda for your next family meal, you will find a sweetness that is better than the pie you made for dinner.

photo credit: Emily Barney via photopin cc