Sunday Morning

April 07, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

Our kids worship band was invited to lead worship for the adult service on a Sunday morning. The kids were not just going to do a "special", but actually be in charge of leading all 4 songs. This had never been done before, but our kids are truly amazing and capable of leading others in worship. 

We prepared 4 songs; Deep Cries Out by William Matthews, One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture, Wonderful by Samuel Yoder, and Our Hearts are Burning by Dave Fife. Our pastor stood up at the beginning of the service and asked everyone to refrain from taking videos and pictures and truly participate. The kids not only played their instruments skillfully, but their hearts were engaged. They must have felt nervous, but they pushed through and looked to Jesus. Many people commented to me later that they were touched by the kids' sincerity.

My favorite parts of the day were not necesarily wrapped up in the music. Before the service began, the kids met in the pastors office with the rest of the staff and prayed for the service that day. Someone asked the kids if they had prayed and asked God what He wanted to do that day. They began to share dreams and visions of waterfalls and stones being built together. One student saw a vision of the kids leading worship to a song that was beyond their skill level. Next, I asked the kids to pray for the pastor who was speaking that day at church. They gathered around him and layed hands on him. They began to pray for Jesus to fill his mouth with words for others. One kid prayed that fire would shoot out of his hands and eyes as he spoke.

My second favorite part of the day was when one of the girls sang a prophetic song during worship. What is a prophetic song? It's when a person hears a new song in the spirit and begins to sing a new tune with new words, creating a song for that moment. This young lady began to sing "I love you Jesus" in a new sweet melody that changed the room. Seriously, as soon as she started singing this prophetic song, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in a more tangible way.

This day was very special. I believe things changed in the spirit realm that I will never know about. But, even in the natural, I feel that there was a great message preached through song to our church. The message is that kids can do "the stuff." Kids do not have to wait until they are adults to lead others in worship. Kids are worship leaders even in their daily lives. We have a lot to learn from the kids.