Raising the Dead

May 20, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

I asked one of my young friends to write this story about raising the dead. This kid saw a need and prayed for a miracle. A dead boy is now alive because of this family's faith in Jesus.  

By: Jonas Scott (age 10)

My friend, my parents, my brother and I were at the pool. I saw a boy go under the water to swim, but didn't think anything of it. A bit later my dad saw the kid still under the water and knew something was wrong. He pulled the boy out of the water but he wasn't breathing. His eyes were open, but there was no life in them. He had drowned. My mom got us kids out of the water and as calmly as she could explained that this boy needed Jesus to help him and told us to begin to pray. My dad ran and called 911 while my mom began to perform CPR on him. My friend and I did pray for the boy, during this his parents and family were crying pretty badly. I didn't know what to pray except, "Jesus, please heal him," and I spoke in tongues. After sometime had passed, the life in his eyes quite suddenly returned, he revived and began to speak. When the ambulance arrived they confirmed that this boy shouldn't be alive because he had been under far too long. It was a true miracle. I saw my first person raised from the dead that day at the pool.