A Taste of Heaven Kid's Conference

November 07, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

We hosted our first ever Kid’s Conference this year at Vineyard Campbellsville, KY. We invited Bobby Hussey and Brandon Hull, from Morningstar Kids Ministries, to lead the Kid’s Conference. . It was called “A Taste of Heaven” and we had so much fun playing tasting games for our icebreakers, but the best part of the weekend was watching the kids actually taste heaven during the ministry time.

Each night of the conference, we kicked off the experience with high intensity. We would play loud music and play wild games and have so much fun. Next, we would invite the kids worship band, made up of 3rd-6th graders to lead worship. The kids would go from jumping up and down praising Jesus to laying on the floor experiencing Jesus.

On the second night, Bobby Hussey led the kids through ministry time as the kids started seeing things in heaven. One boy saw a castle in heaven. Bobby encouraged all the kids to look inside the castle using their spiritual imaginations. The kids began describing angels, Jesus, and this beautiful castle. Inside the castle they saw rooms with their names on the door. One boy said that his room had a swimming pool full of Legos in it (his favorite thing). A boy named Elijah saw the prophet Elijah who spoke sweet and important things to his heart. The prophet Elijah told him, “We are the best Elijahs.” Kids were truly tasting heaven.

The kids were laying on the floor experiencing heaven for more than 20 minutes. We asked them to stand up and place their hands out in front of them like they were receiving a gift. As Bobby went around and prayed for them, a few of the kids were falling down. In the Pentecostal church this would be called being slain in the spirit, but our kids had not experienced this before. I asked one of the boys to describe why he fell over. I asked him, “Did Bobby push you over?” He said, “No. I felt God raining down on me until I couldn’t stand up anymore.”

When I planned the details of this conference, I prayed for Holy Spirit to touch our kids and families, but I had no idea what was in store. I planned silly games where kids had to compete by tasting baby foods, sucking pudding through a straw, and make funny cooking show videos, but I had no idea that the kids would get to taste heaven as easy as they tasted cookies they decorated. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.