Bible Reading Challenge

November 13, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

We have offered serveral Bible Reading Challenges for the elementary classes at church. To accompany the Encountering Jesus children's church curriculum that we finished earlier this year, we challenged the kids to read the book of John. About one half of the kids participated and succeeded. They completed the challenge and won a free pass to go to a local jumpy house place in our town. They were champions.

Reading a book of the Bible is a big challenge for an elementary level reader. It requires the help of a parent usually. We have had some very clever parents find audio or video versions of the book that the kids are supposed to read. The kids can listen to the Bible while trying to follow along with the reading or simply listen to the story as they drift off to sleep during nap time. There are many creative ways to teach kids the Bible these days.

I have had several parents approach me and thank me for implementing these challenges. Their family is motivated to spend time reading the Bible together and it opens up interesting conversations where the kids can ask thought provoking questions. Parents are also excited about the fact that their kids are happy to read the complex book because they know they are working towards a fun prize with their church friends.

Currently, we are challenging the kids to read the Book of Acts. Acts is a complicated book with adult themes. We have been learning the stories from Acts through a new Experiencing the Holy Spirit children's church curriculum I just wrote about the book in our kids church class. The kids are wrestling with adult issues such as persecution, death and miracles. It amazes me how much the kids love these stories and are not afraid to ask the deep questions. We will finish our Bible Reading Challenge on the first week of December. I'm excited to see the results of hard working families studying the Bible together.

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