12 Outreach Ideas For Children's Church

December 15, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

We are working on developing a kids outreach team, comprised of mostly kids. We want to try some of these ideas that we have used in the past with our new outreach team. Let me know what you think. Have you tried any of these ideas before? How did it go?

  1. Have the kids outreach team prayer walk a neighborhood. Do a spiritual mapping exercise while you walk. What’s that? Spiritual mapping is taking notes of things you see, ways to pray, things that the Holy Spirit highlights while you pray.
  2. Take the kids outreach team on a prayer walk to the fire station. Deliver cookies and thank you cards to the firemen. Ask the firemen if the kids can lay hands on them and pray protection and blessings over them.
  3. Collect coins each Sunday for an entire year. Then, use that money to buy a chicken or a sheep for a family in poverty through Samaritan’s Purse.
  4. Adopt a low-income family in town. Provide that family with everything they need for Christmas. Make a list of toys for the kids, decoration needs, and items to buy for a Christmas meal. Divide the list up between the church families willing to participate and deliver the Christmas contributions to the family a week before Christmas. You can even sing carols for the family at the drop off.
  5. Host a block party at a local low-income housing area. Have the kids outreach team do a variety show to draw a crowd. They can prepare songs to sing, jokes to tell, and dance. Have carnival games with prizes available for the neighborhood kids that attend. Have free food and door prizes for everyone who comes. Don’t charge money for any activity. You don’t even have to do a formal presentation of the gospel. Your actions are presenting the gospel. Maybe you can encourage the kids outreach team to simply make friends with the other kids organically and give them encouraging words from the Holy Spirit.
  6. Have the kids outreach team to make prophetic cards for the elderly in a Nursing Home. How do you make prophetic cards? Well, ask the Holy Spirit to give you the exact encouragement that the person who will receive your card will need. Holy Spirit knows who will get the card, even though you don’t and HE knows what that person needs to hear to encourage their day. Deliver the cards and have the kids give their card to the person that they feel the Holy Spirit is highlighting to them.
  7. Host a Mommy’s Day Out for single moms in the area. Have the kids outreach team plan the games and crafts for the kids that are dropped off for the Moms Day Out Event.
  8. Have a diaper and bottle drive for the local pregnancy center.
  9. Did you know that you can loose your government housing if you do not keep your house clean? The kids outreach team can work with a local social worker to find people who are in danger of losing their homes because they are too disabled or elderly to clean their home in the proper way. Your kids outreach team (and their parents) can volunteer to clean this apartment. We did this once and we had so many fantastic volunteers and we blessed someone’s sox off because we saved them from losing their home. Some of the moms in the volunteer group even bought cleaning supplies to leave with the apartment owner.
  10. Adopt a low income housing area and do all of the former ideas in one focused location and see greater results.
  11. Adopt a missionary (maybe someone sent from your church) and send them homemade cards made by the kids. Exchange videos or skype calls. Provide for a need they have in their host country.
  12. Ask the kids outreach team to pray and seek the Lord about fresh new ideas to reach out to their community. They may think of ideas that you and I would never think of.