5 Children's Church Christmas Ideas

December 19, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

Every Christmas we try to discover new ways to celebrate Christmas with our Children's Church classes. This year we are keeping it simple. Here are a few ideas we are implementing.

  1. We had a wrap your friend competition. We divided the class into teams, then encouraged them to pick a friend to wrap. We gave the students wrapping paper, scissors, and tape and set a timer. We listened to Christmas music while watching these groups compete to wrap their friends. When the buzzer went off, the group who had the best looking wrapped present won a prize.
  2. We watched a few scenes from the movie The Nativity, then discussed the interesting things the kids saw in this movie verses what they remember from the story of Jesus’ birth that they have heard year after year. The movie is not perfect, but it does reveal a lot about the culture in Jesus’ day, as well as the landscape that Jesus would have been born in.
  3. We played another wrapping game. I divided the class into groups. We handed the groups wrapping paper, tape, scissors, and boxes of craft supplies and told them that whoever wrapped the prettiest gift won a prize. Then, I presented the items that they had to wrap. Once group was given a hula hoop, while the other had a pool noodle. They did a great job, but you have to admit, those items would be very difficult to wrap.
  4. We are planning to create thank you cards as presents for all of the children's church volunteers who work tirelessly in the kids wing next week. We want to teach the kids the importance of giving being better than receiving, so instead of exchanging gifts, they will create gifts for their teachers and volunteers without an expectation of receiving.
  5. Like many other children’s churches, we will be throwing Jesus a “Happy Birthday Party” next week. We will have a birthday cake, crafts, games, and sing songs. The kids love this party every Sunday morning and I’m sure that the parents love their kids getting loaded up on sugary cake before lunch. Oops.