Kids Leading Kids

December 04, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

One night, my husband and I were discussing our goals in Family Ministry. As we were considering ways to spread our vision behind the Children's Church curriculum we wrote, I said, "Wouldn't it be nice if we had a guide to go along with our "Encountering Jesus" Curriculum that sort of communicated how we started kids teams where the kids led worship, preached, and prayed for each other?" Then, it hit me. Write it. 48 hours later, I had put together a 60-page book with mine and Brian's thoughts on the importance of training children to lead their own ministry. Some of these thoughts came from our past blog posts, while other stories were simply retelling our personal history in Family Ministry.

Included in the Kids Leading Kids Free Ebook are the following chapters:

1. Children In Ministry

2. Children Are the Church of Today

3. The Parental Mandate

4. Kid-Led Church

5. How to Start a Kids Worship Band

6. How to Teach a Kid to Teach

7. How to Start a Kids Ministry Team

8. How to Start a Kids Intercession Team

9. How to Start a Kids Outreach Team

10. What to Expect on Sunday

Kids Leading Kids is not just a "How To" guide for Children's pastors. It is also an encouragement to parents on how we view our kids. Do we value the things our kids say when they pray? Do we disregard their imagination's role in encountering Jesus and experiencing the supernatural? Do we truly believe that our kids play a valuable role in the church today or are we sitting them on the sidelines until they are grown-ups? We hope you enjoy this FREE download. We hope it is an encouragement to parents and Children's Church volunteers everywhere.