New Year's Declaration Dinner

December 27, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

Several years ago, I was included in a New Year’s event called a Declaration Dinner. At this dinner, everyone who attended prepared declarations to speak over their life for the new year. What is the difference between a resolution and a declaration?

Resolution= a firm decision to do or not do something that solves a problem.

Declaration= a formal announcement at the beginning of something.

The difference between the two is very subtle, but monumental. In the past, I have made New Year’s Resolutions that involved losing weight, making better grades, or being nicer to my parents. Now, I make declarations of the impossible visions for my life. It’s bigger than a resolution. It’s declaring things that I can’t accomplish through a change in my behavior. It’s a declaration that I believe that God will do these things that He has spoken over my life, even if I can’t see how it is possible.

How do you make a New Year’s Declaration?

First, I pray and think through my past year. What promises do I have over my life that have not been fulfilled? Next, I weed through these desires and promises and ask the Holy Spirit if this is the year for each of these promises. Sometimes I feel the Lord saying that this is not the right year for certain promises. I don’t declare those things but hide them in my heart for another year. If I feel like I get a green light from the Holy Spirit, I add that action item to my declaration for the year. I declare these promises at the declaration dinner and believe that they will happen. Do they always happen? No. But, I still believe they will in the future. Maybe next year.

Here is an example of some of my declarations from last year:

  1. Have a third baby- (I’m pregnant with my third)

  2. Buy a van- (It’s a silver Dodge)

  3. Take Children’s Ministry to the next level (That goal is subjective, but in my opinion I met my goal)

  4. Pay off student loan- (Didn’t happen, cause we had to buy a new van)

There were more declarations for 2014 and most of them happened, but a few did not. Some of these unmet promises, we will carry into 2015 and some things will be held dear to our heart for a future date. Thou shalt also declare a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.” Job 22:28 KJV

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