New Years Free Lesson Plan

December 26, 2014LaBreeska Ingles

New Years Declarations

Welcome: During drop off, play some fun music for the kids, while you engage each parent.  Introduce yourself to each parent and kid.  Talk to the parents and help them connect to the ministry as a whole.

Icebreaker: Choose 3 contestants to spin the wheel of fortune to earn points, just like on The Price is Right. The person with the highest point, gets a prize.

Worship:  Invite the kids band to lead a worship song. If that is not an option, ask one kid or adult to lead worship today. If that is not an option, use the Hillsong DVD with power point words and have some kid leaders stand in front of the class to co-lead with the DVD, demonstrating postures of worship for the rest of the class (example: raising hands, closing eyes, clapping hands, or dancing).

Kid Speaker:  Have a kid share about making declarations for 2014 and what happened this year.

Teaching:  What is a New Year Resolution? (Allow time to respond.) Today we are going to talk about New Year’s Declarations. What is a declaration? (Allow time to discuss.) A declaration is a formal statement or announcement. The Bible says that if you “declare a thing, it will happen” (Job 22:28). Making a declaration in Jesus’ name is a powerful thing. It is not something to take lightly. We should listen to the Holy Spirit to dream with Him about what things we want to come to pass in the future. After we declare something, we must trust the Lord and work with Him to bring it to pass. For example, you shouldn’t declare that you are going to be an awesome drummer and then never practice. That doesn’t make sense.

Here are some examples of declarations:

  1. Making good grades.
  2. Being a better brother to your siblings.
  3. Being nicer to a person at school.
  4. Improving a skill: like basketball or music.
  5. Reading the Bible more often.
  6. Spending more time with your family.

Ministry Time: (Turn on some music.) Allow some reflection time where the kids spread out around the room and pray quietly to the Lord. Ask them to listen to the Holy Spirit about what the next year should look like.

Activity:  First, have each student work through the declaration worksheet on the next page. Next, have the students divide into small groups to share their declarations with each other.

This Week’s Mission:  Share your declarations with your family this week. Ask your family if they have any declaration to share. Some families may choose to have a celebration dinner to celebrate their New Years Declarations.

We hope you enjoy this free New Years lesson plan. If you are interested in additional resources, children's church curriculum, and lesson plans, check out the Kidsministryteam store.