Church Preschool Weekly Plan

January 22, 2015LaBreeska Ingles

*Arrive in your class early to receive parents.

Drop Off- During drop off, have one volunteer playing with the kids, while the other speaks with each parent.  Make sure a nametag is on the back of each kid.  Ask if the child can have a snack.  Ask about allergies or special needs.  Engage the parents at drop off and pick up.  Talk to them and help them connect to the ministry as a whole.  You are their connection to the church.

Welcome- Encourage the kids to sit on the center rug. Allow time for the children to acclimate to the room. Engage each kid through asking questions or singing songs together.

Worship- play a worship cd, dvd, or bring in an instrument.  Worship.  Encourage the kids to dance, sing, run, play toy instruments, etc.

Bible Story- Your lesson plan is provided for each week. We walk through the entire Bible story in the two years these kids are in this class.

Craft- There is a craft or activity provided for each lesson each week. You will find your supplies are provided for you in the classroom.

Play Time Stations- After Bible time, allow the kids to play.  You may choose to put 2 kids at each station and change stations every 5 minutes. Engage the kids in play time as much as you can.  Play games with them.

Kid Clean Up- It is important for this age to engage in clean up time. You may assign them different stations to clean before their parents pick them up.

Pick up- When the parents pick up, encourage them with something positive you noticed about their child.  Tell the parents what the kids learned in class that day and how it connects to their craft. Make sure to send the craft home with the preschooler.

Clean up- Wipe down the snack table.  Put away all supplies, snacks, bibles, etc…  Wipe down every toy with a Clorox wipe and put away.   Throw away trash.  You do not have to vacuum, but everything else should be in order for the next class.

We hope you enjoy this free church preschool plan. If you are interested in additional resources, children's church curriculum, and lesson plans, check out the Kidsministryteam store.