Free Lesson: Intercession for Kids

January 14, 2015LaBreeska Ingles

Intercession- Government

Welcome: During drop off, play some fun music for the kids, while you engage each parent.  Introduce yourself to each parent and kid.  Talk to the parents and help them connect to the ministry as a whole.

Icebreaker: Partner Shoe Scramble.

Worship:  Invite the kids band to lead a worship song. If that is not an option, ask one kid or adult to lead worship today. If that is not an option, use the Hillsong DVD with power point words and have some leaders stand in front of the class to co-lead with the DVD, demonstrating postures of worship for the rest of the class (example: raising hands, closing eyes, clapping hands, or dancing).

Kid Speaker:  Have a kid share about when they prayed for something and it happened. For example, they prayed for their uncle to meet Jesus and he did.

Teaching:  Have a student read John 17:20-26. Jesus prays for us. When you pray for someone or something else, this is called “intercession.” Jesus interceded for us in this Bible passage.

Why is intercession important? Who should we intercede for? Today we are going to pray for our government (local and national).


  1. Have pictures of national government officials on the wall with their name and positions posted underneath. The president will be the most obvious, but the kids may not know the Secretary of State or Attorney General. Instruct the kids to lay their hands on the pictures as they pray for God to give these men and women wisdom to lead our country.

  2. Have a map of the city on a bulletin board with key locations circled, such as the fire station, city hall, and the police station. Instruct the kids to put a push pin in the circle while they pray for the men and women who serve in these locations. We need to pray for protection for our local officials. We need to pray for revival in our local government.

  3. Youtube videos of military men and women returning home and hugging their loved ones. Pray for the military serving all over the world. Pray especially for the locations where there is war. Pray for peace, protection, and justice.

  4. If you have a service man or woman who would be willing to attend your class, the students can lay hands on this person and pray for God’s blessing on them. They may get some prophetic words.

Ministry Time: (Turn on some music.) Spend some time praying for the people in government. Wait on the Holy Spirit. Ask Him if there is anything that He is wanting to do through our government. Is there something encouraging that He is saying about these servicemen or the direction of our city?

Activity:  Have a table with paper, pens, markers, and other creative supplies where kids can write thank you letters or prayers for our local officials that we can deliver this week when we take our leadership team on a prayer walk in town.

This Week’s Mission:  Pray for people in government throughout the week and journal your prayers.

We hope you enjoy this free kids intercession lesson plan. If you are interested in additional resources, children's church curriculum, and lesson plans, check out the Kidsministryteam store.