The Power of a Testimony

January 04, 2015LaBreeska Ingles

The following guest posts were the four most popular posts on our website this year and they are all testimonies about miracles and the power of prayer. People love to be reminded at how miraculous our God is. 

Deaf Ears Healed. Guest Post by Lori Rogers. This is a powerful testimony from a mother in our church. Her son was born deaf and over the course of a year, her son was miraculously healed.

Barren No More. Guest Post by Nicole Rogers. Nicole and her husband were struggling with infertility and Nicole was facing a major surgery. God stepped in and miraculously brought them their son.

Raising the Dead. Guest Post by Jonas Scott (a 9 year old). This young man wrote his own testimony about a tragic swimming accident where he prayed for a dead child to come back to life.

Raising the Dead

Cottage School. Guest Post by Jen Scott. Jen Scott shared about how she started a cottage school in her home. This post changed my world because I ended up starting a cottage school in my house this year following Jen’s example.