Vineyard Kids Policy and Procedure Form

January 22, 2015LaBreeska Ingles

Vision Statement:

We believe that kids are the church of today. We believe that kids can do “the stuff” of the Kingdom of God. We believe that kids can encounter the Holy Spirit, even in the womb. We believe that we must become like children to receive the Kingdom of Heaven (Luke 18:17).

Application Process:

We are asking all volunteers to fill out an application for volunteering in the Kid’s Wing. A background check will be run on all volunteers over 18 years of age.

Volunteer Badge:

Please pick up a volunteer badge at the check in desk on your Sunday to work. Please wear the volunteer badge the entire time you are working in the kid’s wing. This will distinguish you as a volunteer for all of the children and parents that are dropping off their kids.

Check In/ Pick Up:

Be sure to greet each parent and child as they drop off in your classroom. Each child should have a nametag on their back, indicating that they have been checked in at the check in desk. If the child has not been checked in, kindly instruct the parent to take the child back to the check in desk and check in. At pick up, it is important to make sure the parent has the proper pick up tag that matches the child’s name tag.

Bathroom Policy:

If a child is old enough to go to the bathroom by themselves, then please escort them to the kid’s wing bathrooms. You may stand at the door in order to hear if the child needs help. We encourage volunteers not to go into the bathroom with the child. There are cameras in the hallway, so if you need to help a preschooler button their pants, please leave the bathroom door open as you assist. Encourage hand washing. If a child is too young to go to the bathroom alone (aka: take off their pants, wipe themselves, etc…) we encourage calling the parents from the check in desk and asking the parent to take the child to the bathroom.

Diaper Policy:

If you are working the nursery, you may ask the parents at drop off whether they want their child to be diapered or not. Some parents may want to diaper their own child. If you are a volunteer diapering a baby in the nursery, we suggest having another adult in the same room at the time you change the diapers.

If a child is older than nursery age, we strongly suggest calling the parents number if their child needs a diaper change. (2-3 classroom)

Health Concerns:

If a parent is dropping off a visibly sick child (runny nose, coughing, sneezing, pink eye, etc.) or if a child tells you that they feel sick, please encourage the parent to take their child with them. We do not need to introduce sickness to the other kids in the room.

Make sure you wash your hands after diapering, wiping noses, going to the bathroom, etc… Be sure to wash your hands before serving snacks. Encourage the kids to wash their hands in the bathroom after using the restroom or wiping their noses, etc…

Toys are infection carrying mechanisms, especially in the younger classrooms. Please disinfect all of the toys with a Clorox wipe after all of the children have been picked up from class. This goes for in between classes on Sunday as well.

First Aid is available in the kitchen in the cabinet marked “FIRST AID”. If you need to administer first aid, then you need to call the parents.

Calling Parents

We are big on calling parents. Why? We believe that the parents are the primary authority in a child’s life. We, as church volunteers, are not responsible for making decisions for a child’s welfare. This includes discipline issues. There is no reason to spend your entire class disciplining a child. It will not work. Children respond to the authority that their parents carry. If they do not, then it is the parent’s problem to deal to handle.


All kids test boundaries and make mistakes. We can encourage kids to make the right decisions and ensure that they know the rules and consequences of the classroom.

Rules                                                                                                     Consequences

  1. Be Kind                                                                                         1. Redirect

  2. Be Respectful                                                                            2. Warning

  3. Have Fun                                                                                     3. Call Parents

If there are any severe behaviors like fighting, biting, or crying, we encourage by passing all of these steps and calling parents immediately. If a child is refusing to participate or causing disruptions, call the parents. If there is a question in your mind, call the parents.

Nursery Crying:

Babies cry for all sorts of reasons. If you have a crying baby (including a 2 or 3 year old) and redirecting them to a toy or activity does not immediately calm them down, please call the parents. No parent wants their baby crying the entire service in the nursery. Sometimes babies just need their parent to calm down. Parents are welcome to sit in the classroom/nursery to help the child feel settled.


If there is an emergency like a fire, please take your class outside as fast as possible and keep them corralled until the parents can get to them. The emergency doors are located at the end of the kid’s wing hall, near the kids wing bathrooms, and in the 2/3 year old class. If there is a less severe emergency, just keep the kids calm and in the classrooms until the parents can pick up in an orderly manner. Never let the kids run out of the classroom in search of their parents.

Photos and Videos:

We love to take photos and videos and share them on our Vineyard Facebook page. It helps the parents and adult church connect to what we are doing in the Kid’s Wing. However, there are a few parents who do not want their children to be on the internet. So, we would like to keep taking photos and videos and sharing them, but please be sure to ask the parents before you post anything online.


You may be the only connection point a visitor has with our church on any given Sunday. Please be aware of this and really try to make visitors feel welcome. Invite them to home groups and events. Invite them out to lunch after church. There is no better way to make a visitor feel welcome than to treat their child with great respect.


Everyone here is a volunteer. We need at least 60 volunteers per month to make the kids wing work. If you are not available on your given Sunday, then someone is filling in for you and that servant may have already served 2 or 3 services that month. Please be aware of your schedule and switch with someone if you are not available, so that your class leader (also a volunteer) doesn’t have to work every Sunday.

Know your lesson plan before the class starts. If you were asked to preach at the adult service, you would never wait until that day to prepare. Treat children with the same respect as you would the adults.

If you need supplies for crafts or snacks, please ask your class leader before Saturday so that they have time to buy it for your class.

Facebook Group:

We have a Vineyard Kids Facebook Group Page for our kid’s wing volunteers. If you are not on that list, please ask your class leader to add you to the group. Most of our schedules and discussions happen on this page.