Kids Homegroup

April 28, 2017LaBreeska Ingles

For the past two years, we have been experimenting with kids homegroups. Right now, we are holding a homegroup for the elementary aged kids in a church classroom. It's a central location for parents to conveniently drop off their kids at the same time they drop off their teenagers for youth group. 

We've tried several different approaches to kids homegroup. We attempted a more laid back approach where kids could share about their week while eating snacks, but the group grew too large and kids were way too wiggly. They needed more activity. Most recently, we introduced the video series What's in the Bible. We set up the room like a movie theater, offered popcorn and other snacks, and watched the video together. After the video, the kids were ready to move around, so we would play a game to reinforce what we were learning.

We loved the What's In The Bible video series. It is fun and informative and a great idea for a large group of kids. My 6 year old can't understand all of the themes in the videos, but he loves the jokes and songs. He is learning while having fun. Although we will continue to use this video series in our church for different seasons, we may find other ways to engage the elementary kids during kids homegroup. I would like to have the kids divided into smaller group and possibly meet in other homes for kids homegroup. Has anyone else tried this? Do you have any suggestions?