Vineyard Children's Church Curriculum

April 19, 2017LaBreeska Ingles

There is a ton of Sunday School curriculum available from a large source of publishers. Some Sunday School supplies are specific to their denomination and some things available are very general. I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church and I was a faithful Sunday School attendent. I have experienced so many different sorts of lesson plans from Lifeway's Sunday School lesson plans to True Love Waits Discipleship booklets for youth groups.

I eventually studied for my masters in Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. One of my favorite things to do is to research study materials for discipleship development. I love looking through websites and thumbing through flyers for curriculum. Since I moved to a Vineyard church about 12 years ago, I found that many of the materials available to the larger denominations were lacking in some important discipleship topics that were important to the Vineyard Biblical foundations.

Where was the Vineyard Children's Church materials? There was no Vineyard Sunday School program available to me. So, I started writing curriculum. I wanted to marry the Biblical foundations that I had developed through years of Baptist discipleship with the applications I had learned through the Vineyard Movement. It was important to me that kids feel empowered to be like Jesus. Jesus basically told his disciples to watch Him and do what He did. As I retell the Bible stories, I also include how students can practice doing the ministry that Jesus did.

I have written three years of Children's Church material for our local church. Encountering Jesus is a 6-month curriculum that walks through the gospels. Experiencing the Holy Spirit is a 6-month curriculum that teaches the book of Acts. I have only released this year of curriculum to the public at this point. This is basically because it takes so much editing, money, and time to compile a polished work to sell to others. However, I am always willing to give away what I have to other children's pastors for their Sunday School programs and Children's Church programs. Every Children's pastor knows that the two hardest things about Children's ministry is recruiting volunteers and finding curriculum. I am happy to share what God has given to me with anyone who needs/wants it, but especially to the Vineyard Churches who are looking for Vineyard Children's Church curriculum.

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UPDATE Since the original post, I have released additional children's church curriculum and ministry resources. You can check them out at the Kidsministryteam store.