Free Lesson Plan: Give Thanks for Others

November 12, 2017LaBreeska Ingles

Welcome - During drop off, play some fun music for the kids, while you engage each parent. Introduce yourself to each parent and kid. Talk to the parents and help them connect to the ministry as a whole.

Icebreaker -  There is a game called “If you love me, you’ll smile.” Kids get in a circle and one is chosen to be “it”. The “it” person picks another kid and stands in front of them and says “if you love me you’ll smile.” Everyone in the circle is trying not to smile no matter what the “it” person does. The “it” person can say it in a funny voice or make a face, but they can not touch the person they are in front of. If the person in the chair cracks a smile, they have to get in the middle of the circle and try to get others to smile.     

Worship Kids band will lead worship. Towards the end of the song, the band will keep playing music while a student volunteer reads Ephesians 1:15-23.

Kid Speaker Have a student share about a person they are thankful for. Who is this person? Why are they thankful for them? How do they express their thanks to someone else?

Teaching (Visual Aids:  white board)

Reread Ephesians 1:15-23. Discuss that this passage is a prayer Paul prayed for other people. This is a prayer. We can use this prayer as an example of how we can pray for others. Ask the following questions and allow kids to write their answers on the white board.

Why do we pray for others?

How do we pray for others? (Have a student give an example of how to pray for someone else.)

Who are you thankful for?

Why are you thankful for them?

How do you show them that you are thankful?

Ministry Time We want to teach the kids to pray their thanksgiving to God for the people He has put in their lives. Play some soft music and ask the kids to come up front one at a time and speak (pray) a thanks to God. An example prayer to give them is “Jesus, thank you for my mom and dad. Amen.” It doesn’t have to be long or elaborate.

Activity Set up tables and give the kids paper and art supplies. Give the students time to write thank you cards to a person they are thankful for. Encourage them to give their card to that person this week.

Kid’s Weekly Challenge - Read a Psalm everyday. Tell God thanks for the many things He does for you.

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