Planting Seeds: Church Nursery Curriculum

April 09, 2018LaBreeska Ingles

Big News! We have just released our newest children's church curriculum. Planting Seeds: Church Nursery Curriculum has 52 lesson plans that include simple Bible stories, worship songs sung to the tune of classic nursery rhymes, age appropriate visual aids, and a sensory learning activity that reinforces the learning concept of the day.

The 52 lessons provided in this affordable church nursery curriculum walk your babies through the Old and New Testaments. We have used these lessons in our local church nursery and the babies love it! The nursery volunteers love that the lessons are simple 2 page plans that anyone can follow. It doesn't require a teaching degree to teach simple Bible truths to babies.

"Planting Seeds: Church Nursery Curriculum" is non-denominational. I am a Vineyard Children's Pastor, with a masters in Theology from a Baptist University. I spent a year in a charasmatic Catholic church in Beirut and was a member of a Methodist church choir for 6 years. I believe the simple Bible learning concepts introduced in this church nursery curriculum would be appropriate for any church that believes in the Bible.

You can check out the details of "Planting Seeds: Church Nursery Curriculum" at the Kidsministryteam store. There you will find a sample lesson plan that includes the table of contents, so that you can see the title of all 52 lessons. Help us spread the word about this exciting news!