Why Church Nursery Curriculum?

April 24, 2018LaBreeska Ingles

Some people have asked me, “Why do you need a lesson plan for a church nursery? These infants can’t even talk. Isn’t it enough to simply have a safe place for babies to play while their parents enjoy church?”

Yes, it’s enough. It’s the basic need a church has when they start a nursery class. But, if we are willing to put our money and time into teaching our babies to learn sign language and prepare for college, then why wouldn’t we want to give them more at church?

Many curricula have been written for ages 3 and up. Very little has been introduced for the nursery infant. I have a one year old and he is learning so fast. He is deciding who is safe. He is learning to trust. He is learning language. He is learning about playing with others. I believe his spirit is capable of receiving God’s love. I believe he is capable of experiencing God. I want to create an atmosphere for that to happen with our church babies as well.

The internet is filled with ideas on how to teach infants foreign languages, sign language, and stimulate their intellect with sensory play. Parents spend thousands of dollars on educational materials, mommy and me classes, and advanced day care programs that promise a more intelligent child. Colleges train teachers in the importance of early childhood development. Doctors encourage young parents to read to their babies every day because it forms a bond, teaches language skills, and encourages a love for reading. Classes are taken to teach psychologists about the stages of early childhood mental development.

Even if you aren’t sure about how much a baby is learning, Planting Seeds: Church Nursery Curriculum could be a fun experience to introduce. Why not read a Bible story to the babies? Why not sing fun Bible Truth songs with your baby? Why not pray over the babies and write encouraging words to their parents? There is definitely no harm in this fun and engaging experiment.

I wrote Planting Seeds: Church Nursery Curriculum for my home church. It was designed for babies from birth to two years old. It is a walk through the basics of the Old and New Testaments in 52 simple lessons. Each lesson contains an age appropriate experience introducing simple Bible truths that make an impression on a young child’s spirit. Check it out by clicking here.